This is a test to see which mermaid (out of Emma, Cleo and Rikki) you're like most. Be honest...

**1. You get homework. Do you:

a. Leave it till the last minute
b.Nearly finish it on the first day
c.Do it gradually over time

**2. Charlotte turns into a mermaid. Do you:
a. Leave her to learn the hard way.
b. Try to be her friend and help her out.
c. Just do what the others chose.

**3. Who is the best boy??
a. Zane
b. Ash
c. Lewis

**4. Is your family:
a. Apart but in it together,
b. Organized and trusting
c. Starting to break

**5. Do you have a:
a. Lone parent
b. brother, but he's okay
c. annoying little sister.
(If you're neither, then answer number 11 and skip this out)

**6. Do your friends think you're:
a. Careless and daring
b. organized goodie goodie
c. Have a hard life

**7. Do you like:
a. To swim rather than walk
b. Swimming and getting things done
c. The Seapark and Dolphins

**8. Which is your favourite power:
a. boil
b. freeze
c. control

**9. What job do you like best??
a. Don't want a job
b. waitress at JuiceNet Cafe
c. Serving ice cream at Seapark

**10. If your dad starts to date Charlotte's mother Anet, do you:
a. Get back at them with your mermaid powers,
b. pretend you're sick and just don't go back down there
c. Stay and panic and winge.

**11. Only do this question if you aren't any of number 5. 
When you hang out with your friends do you like to stand
a. on their left
b. on their right
c. in the middle.

Now look back at your answers and count the number of As, Bs, and Cs, and write them down. Added altogether, they should sum up to 10. Here's how to calculate:
A means Rikki, B means Emma, and C means Cleo.

For example I got 5 Rikki, 3 Emma and 2 Cleo, that means I'm 50% Rikki, 30% Emma, and 20% Cleo.
I'm most like Rikki =)

So how 'bout it, are you more like
Emma, Cleo, or Rikki?? =)
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